Commissions are simply a custom piece made just for you. If you like my style but need a painting a certain size then this is the perfect option for you. We will initially discuss colors, size and composition then, with creative freedom, I will make my own interpretation. During the discussion phase I will ask for photos of your space, as well as, which pieces of mine resonate with you.  Below is a list of sizes and prices. The turn around time depends on my current work load. Paying a deposit will secure your place in line.  If you're in the Denver area, I'd be happy to see the wall space that needs some love. 

sizes & prices

Half of payment is due upfront as a non refundable deposit  - I will email you a link to pay. Payments can be made on larger pieces

               Sizes                    Prices

  • 20"x20" - 24"x24" $700 -$1,000

  • 24x"30"- 30"x40" $1,200-$2,300

  • 36"x36"- 36"x48" $2,500- $3,600

Larger sizes available upon request