The need and desire to create called so loudly I had no choice but to become an artist. My love affair with creating started as far back as I can remember, holding coloring books like sacred treasures. I grew up moving states every few years and was challenged by constantly starting over. Art gave me an outlet that kept me company during this time. I briefly lost my connection with art while completing my business degree  at the University of South Florida and later working in the corporate world. It didn't take long for me to notice how unhappy I was without creating. I became determined to find who I was artistically and to live a creative life. After 7 years of due diligence in the studio teaching myself how to paint, I found my creative voice.  Words can not describe how gratifying it was to finally see myself in my work. For the past four years,  I work daily as a professional artist in my Denver studio. 

Artist Statement

Using acrylic paint, I create abstract florals with a balance of instinctual movement and subtle observations. Meaning, I dance as I paint using the rhythm of music to guide my brush, while pulling imagery from my imagination, photography and live flowers. With my intuitive technique, I paint without inhibitions, allowing myself to move wild and free and letting my paintings develop organically layer after layer.  Through this give and take process an interweaving effect naturally occurs.  I strive for my work to carry positive energy that will influence their surroundings. My hope is for the viewer to forget about their troubles and simply immerse themselves in brushstrokes.